Wedding Ceremony in the Celtic Tradition

(with registered solemniser of Temple of Eiriu-Celtic tradition)

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This spiritual tradition believes that all life is sacred, interdependent and has love at its core.  It is the couple’s expression of their love that is central.  How they wish to express this to each other is what is important. So each couple is encouraged to choose their own unique way of pledging to each other.

Handfasting Ritual

Couples will be joined together by handfasting which is an older Irish way of pledging to each other. In this, the couple’s hands are connected with a traditional Irish weaving specially woven for weddings. It symbolises the bonding of hearts, minds, bodies and spirits.

During this weaving together, the celebrant will bring the blessings of the elements (fire, earth, water and wind) for the couple’s life together.  

Others choose the more usual way and exchange rings. More often now, couples choose to do both, so combining the best of the Irish marriage traditions, old and new.

Ceremony lnformation

The ceremony can be performed inside or outside.. The space is honoured and made sacred to the elements and decorated with flowers, candles and perfumed with incense.

This is not just a service for the wedding day . There is an initial meeting with each couple to begin the process of crafting a ceremony. Where this is not possible,  skype and/or phone are used. It is important that the celebrant form a relaxed and trusting relationship with the couple. After this ,communication can be via email, phone or skype to bring the form of the ceremony into the design that the couple are happy with. The celebrant will, where possible, travel to the wedding venue prior to the big day. Within the Celtic Tradition, the celebrant begins to call for blessing for the couple and their lives together as soon as they decide on the Temple of Eiriu ceremony

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